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About the Aquarium Society
A brief history............
In 1918 Edger R Waite, the then director of the South Australian Museum saw a need in Adelaide for a small society to cater for the interests of a small band of people who were interested in the science of aquaria keeping.
Through a series of aquarium displays he had set up in the museum he was able to gauge the interest in fish keeping and had obtained the names and addresses of a number of prominent citizens whom he knew to be interested in the formation of such a society.
On 8 March 1918 he sent the following notice:
South Australian Museum

8 March 1918
Dear Sir.
Proposed Aquarium Society

It is abundantly evident that a growing interest in home aquaria is being evinced in Adelaide. This I believe to be due, to the successful series exhibited at the museum. Being responsible for its installation, I am frequently questioned on the subject and it has also been suggested that the time is opportune for the formation of a small society for the furtherance of the hobby in South Australia, including the interchange of ideas, exhibition of specimens and apparatus, ect.
I feel sure that such a society would materially strengthen my hands in furthering a proposal for the establishment, at a proper time, of an aquarium worthy of this city, a subject I have already broached in influential quarters. As I understand you are interested in home aquaria I shall be very pleased if you can make it convenient to attend an informal meeting to discuss the subject.
To be held on Wednesday, March 13, at the institute. North Terrace, at 8pm.

This meeting was held, minutes were taken and a committee was formed. The next general meeting was held on the 18th March, at this meeting, a committee was called for the 20th March 1918. This meeting was held and as part of the rules formed were, Title: thats this association shall be called:
The South Australia Aquarium Society
1918 to 2000

Information & extracts were obtained from chapter one of the official histiry of the South Australian Aquarium Society; historian and author, Brian Rutherford.

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